NEWS 2019 GLOBAL NETWORK L&S designs and produces specialist lighting solutions for furnishings and interior design. Founded in Italy in 1977 in response to the needs of the furniture industry, the company has quickly grown into a global leader, diversifying into the, residential, distributors, industrial and commercial sectors, with dedicated projects also in the luxury market and museum projects. As a result of the improved quality of the production processes and ongoing investment in technological advancements, L&S has been able to progressively expand its presence in foreign markets, creating three new independent entities in Germany (2002), China (2006), and the USA (2011). These new entities created a group which today employs over 500 people and is active in over 70 countries. The Italian production facility has recently been expanded and renovated, becoming completely self-sufficient, with an energy-efficient photovoltaic power station which extends over an area of 24,500 square metres. This complex also includes the commercial and head offices, the R&D division, the show-room, and most importantly of all, the production and logistics centres. The precision in the assembly and the durability of the products, the ability to innovate, the emphasis on design and the care taken throughout the whole process make L&S a trusted professional partner for its corporate clients and a standard-bearer for those seeking practicality with a quick turnaround. With the expertise and experience we’ve gained, L&S is able to provide personalised guidance and to create personalised lighting technology solutions in line with the client’s needs. These are the strengths behind L&S’ success, bringing with them the trust of anyone wishing to cast their products in a unique light. L&S progetta e produce illuminazione tecnica per l’arredamento e l’interior design. Nata in Italia nel 1977 per rispondere alle esigenze del settore del mobile, l’Azienda è presto divenuta una realtà leader a livello internazionale, ampliando la sua attività ai settori Residential, Distributors, Industrial, Commercial, con progetti dedicati anche all’area Luxury e Museale. Grazie all’elevato livello qualitativo delle sue attività produttive e ai suoi costanti investimenti nella ricerca tecnologica, L&S ha potuto allargare progressivamente la sua presenza sui mercati esteri, costituendo tre nuove società indipendenti: in Germania nel 2002, in USA L&S LIGHTING Atlanta