b'OUR SOCIAL DILEMMAWORDS by Claire Abiodun - Marketing TeamThe world of social media can be quite aFrom a users point of view, we love how visual and friendly daunting one for business.the platform is. Nevertheless, this doesnt mean to say wewant to forget about our trusted Twitter and Facebook followers,Tone of voice and creativity, as well as having a professional it just means that our primary social media channel will be the ever feel is so important to keep followers engaged and interested.growing Instagram, with a huge 80% of all accountsWe love the idea of being able to communicate our brand valuesnow following a business.to our followers, as well as latest news and product launches,but the question is. which channel is right for us?We have had many debates and researched lots of80% OF ACCOUNTS communications regarding the topic and by far we preferFOLLOW A BUSINESS Instagram the most. Not only do we feel that we can connectwith new customers here, but we can also create deeperON INSTAGRAMrelationships with existing ones and tap into peoples passions.Referenced on business.instagram.comNEWS Follow us on Instagram @ldl_online to keep up to date with all things LDL12WERE WORKING ON IT! One of the most frequently asked questions we are currently being asked is When on earth is the new website going to be ready?The eagerly anticipated website is part of a much larger project which includes the implementation of a brand-new ERP and WMS system, which in all honesty is what has caused the delay. Were working flat out, and things are looking pretty good,but well let you be the judge of that!We anticipate that the new website will go-live early in theNew Year, in the mean time we feel your pain and sincerelythank you for your patience.Keep your eyes peeled at www.ldlonline.co.uk'