b'0%NOTHING, NOUGHT, NIL PHRASE IT AS YOU WILLAs from October we have abolished all restocking charges, so in the unlikely event that you need to return a product due to it no longer being required, the restocking fee will be 0%.Please refer to our website for further information:www.ldlonline.co.ukNEWS13THERE IN THE BOTTOM!One of our goals is to become freefrom non-degradable plastic bythe end of 2020. PACKAGING CHANGESWe have now disposed of our shrink-wrap machine thatwas originally used to pack our 3D fully assembled drawers.Because we have driven plastic from our process this nowmeans that runners and brackets are boxed independentto the 3D drawer itself.Due to the packaging change, we have had several customers wondering where the drawer runners and brackets are when taking delivery of 3D fully assembled drawers. You can find the runners and associated brackets independently boxed and placed inside the bottom of the large pallet box with the 3D drawers stacked on top, its a box in a box, like aRussian doll.'